Skratchers scratch cards:

Quick, Easy & Profitable Fundraising

Earn up to 90% profit.

Quick and Hassle-Free
No order-taking, no deliveries, collect
money on the spot

Top Value For Your Supporters
Coupons from Pizza Hut, Target, etc

Free Customization
With your group name, logo and colors

NEW! Free T-Shirt Prize Plan
See details below

Get your FREE sample kit today!

It includes everything you need for your most successful fundraiser...

1 Sample Skratchers Card
Profit sheet & other info
Easy Start Order Form
Gift Certificate for 20%
  Free Cards

It's easy & it's fun!

Start by ordering 1 Skratchers card for each member of your group. If you have 20 team members, order 20 Skratchers cards!

Each group member will simply as friends and family to scratch 2 or more dots.

Your supporter will donate the total of the amounts uncovered (vary between 50¢ and $3 per dot) 

As a Thank-you, you give your donor a FREE coupon sheet with over $50 in valuable coupons!

Then, move on to your next supporter. When all 50 dots are scratched off, EACH card will raise $100!

Every 20 Skratchers Cards = $2,000 Raised!

4 Colors to choose from

Why make 50% profit with candy bars when you can raise 90% with Skratchers?

Each scratch card produces $100 in donations. The cost is only $20, so your group keeps $80 profit per card. See the chart below for your potential profit based on the number of cards you purchase.

Each card raises $80 profit.




































Get 12 FREE Custom T-shirts for EVERY 50 Scratch Cards Ordered!

This special offer is for groups of 50+ sellers. It’s an excellent incentive for your best sellers and as a gift to your volunteer staff. This offer expires Dec. 31, 2017.

Please call us for details at 1-888-800-9506.

Profit Raised!

Thank you for a great fundraiser. Our soccer team just raised over $3,000 with your program. We’ll be using it again in the spring for our basketball and softball seasons.
~ Eric Braun,
Smitson High School

$5,000 – $6,000
Profit Raised!

Each time, our church members raise a good $5,000 – $6,000. It’s simple, profitable and fun. Thanks for the great service.
~ Pastor Kirk Denney
United Penecostal

Profit Raised!

Fundraising is something I don’t like to spend too much time on and I found Skratchers didn’t take much time or effort. With 40 players we raised $3,300. We’ll definitely use Skratchers again next year.
~ Darrin McComas
Burroughs High School Baseball, CA

Our Coupons are provided by some of the best brands around!

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