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Skratchers is the newest fundraising craze. At 90% profit, it's twice as profitable as candy bars, without the hassle of most fundraisers! Each of your fundraising participants starts with 1 Skratchers card. Their supporters simply scratch a few dots, donate and receive valuable coupons, in return.

Craig and other staff members I spoke to was very helpful, pleasant to work with and wanted to help me in any way.

Tina Pouncey

Sweet on a Cure

The Emma Lou's Cookie Dough fundraiser was so successful that we're doing it again, right away!

Cynthia Johnson

Shabach Worship Center

With over 15 years of experience helping parents, teachers and school administrators- JustFundraising.com has helped raise over $70 million for great causes just like yours. 

School Fundraising

JustFundraising.com loves helping leagues, teams, coaches, and parents reach their fundraising goals. Regardless of the sport you’re fundraising for; JustFundraising.com can fit your needs.

Sports Fundraising

Whether you’re raising funds for your charity, local youth group, or other cause, we have a proven line-up of successful product fundraisers.

Non-profit Fundraising

JustFundraising is proud to have helped church groups and other faith based organizations raise millions of dollars around the country.

Church Fundraising

America's Most Profitable Fundraiser

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Skratchers cards are completely hassle-free and the Exclusive Coupon Sheets ($50 value each) are a great economical value for your supporters.

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